The Essence of Excellence

We produce a wide spectrum of rare cannabis genetics with reliable potency and rich flavor.

down to earth

We start with our proprietary organic soil blend. It's an all natural power formula that we've developed over the past 6 years. This special mix includes ingredients like Earthworm castings, bone meal, and rich minerals like dolomite.

water is life

Once we have the perfect soil base, we begin our fully organic watering method using our secret compost tea. We use Earthworm compost to create a tea that promotes multilevel, pro biotic nutrient development and plant nourishment.

As a result of this careful process, our gardens yield the highest quality, cleanest cannabis available. We invite you to try our products and see for yourself.

For a decade, we've been part of the Cannabis culture and have contributed to the push for legalization and the expansion of the market. Along the way, we kept our strains, our passion for Cannabis, and our commitment to our customers. Our goal is simple: To improve the lives of Cannabis users and to produce high quality, consistent Marijuana products.